Oh! Happy Days Ltd. is a privately owned company that strives to lead the market in owning and renting out quality homes to the discerning university student. After we identify and purchase a suitable property, it is carefully redesigned and remodelled specifically with students needs in mind. Although each of the houses will differ slightly from the others, one guiding principle remains constant throughout; to provide comfortable and practical student accommodation Bath of the highest standard whilst offering outstanding value for money. The bedroom is the core of the plan. Walls are repositioned to create bedrooms of equal or nearly equal size wherever possible. Fitted office and bedroom furniture is installed to create quiet areas for study and sleep. All beds are quality orthopaedic divans and you can rest comfortably with the thought that we have a positive policy of replacement of beds every few years.

The bedrooms in all but one of our houses have washbasins in them and all have T.V. sockets. All houses have internet broadband facilities installed with a wireless connection so you can connect up to the internet whether you chose to sit in your bedroom, the lounge, or even the garden. Our latest two houses are even hard-wired as well as having wireless connections for the very fastest internet connection speeds.

Before you move in, the house will have been cleaned from top to bottom. The entire house valeted and returned to pristine condition. Carpets are wet washed, upholstery cleaned and any repairs to the contents or the fabric of the building taken care of. During the course of your time at the house, we will be only a phone call away and are generally available at short notice to see to any matters of maintenance. And, although we try and make the gardens as easy as possible to look after there will inevitably be some care and attention needed. We look after them leaving you to simply enjoy sitting in them when the sun shines.

Naturally, all houses are double glazed and centrally heated, all have cavity wall insulation, the lofts are fully insulated and all have thermostatically controlled radiators in the bedrooms which in most houses are individually timed. This allows you to have a nice warm room waiting for you when you wake up in the morning, or get in from university in the evening without having the cost of heating the whole house. Most of our off-campus student housing is heated by electric; we have night storage radiators in the communal areas and as these come to be replaced, we are fitting the latest generation of economic, controllable models with a daytime boost.

All plumbing and wiring is replaced for new when we convert the houses, so not only do our houses look good, they ‘perform’ as well, with plenty of electrical sockets where they are needed, and water and heat being delivered on-demand to where it is wanted.

All houses are fully compliant with the recently introduced Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) regulations where required by the local council authority. ‘30-minute’ fire doors have been fitted to all living/bedrooms throughout the houses, plus extra fire alarms, to protect all vulnerable areas where specified by the authority.

The council has also awarded us a special certificate for each of our houses in acknowledgement of the fact that we are Landlords of Property of Exceptional Quality, providing houses for rent that exceed the standards set by their previous accreditation scheme.

All of our properties are as safe as we can make them. They are equipped with fire doors, mains powered interlinked smoke alarms, heat alarms, they all have fire extinguishers and fire blankets. In addition, high-security locks are fitted on external doors giving protection from the outside whilst providing quick-release mechanisms on the inside in case of fire.

“All you need to bring is your bedding, towels and personal effects. Anything else is an optional extra.”

Our Bath Student Accommodations are rated 9.9 out of 10 based on 836 student reviews.